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from the wrinkles on my forehead

August 22, 2010

long overdue update!

work has been crazy busy but i’m enjoying it. picking up new skills that will hopefully be useful for me in the future.

living in an internetless & airconditionless studio/home makes me feel like i was a refugee, hiding in some sort of secret annexe. been cooking every now and then, and been trying to keep a plant too (hanging by the window, next to the wooden horse puppet i’ve got from sonny’s) – both haven’t been very tremendously successful but i’m trying.

deeply impressed by Chekhov’s short stories at the moment, particularly ‘The House with the Mezzanine’ which i read a few months ago and still lingers closely on my mind. Also Marquez’ short story ‘The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World’ which feels grand to me, just like how Esteban felt grand to the villagers.

A friend told me recently: it’s not about how great your idea is. it’s how you articulate it. I’m still learning.

Visual-time! Two scanned pages:

and this one was written a week (or so) after the one above. So i finally bought the bicycle.

– will update again soon  🙂

Happy New Year OldBrown!

January 12, 2010

Its 2010 and could it be true? Is Claes making a uppdate? why yes it is! just not with a comic… but you cant get everything at ones now can you?

Really wanted to say “hey all and happy new year!” Also to post to keep up that im am not dead, even tho I have to admit that the comic-making has been on the low lately. School here in sweden is taking up most of my time now, but I have been giving comics a bit of thought, if anything I have been reading alot lately so I thought I would share some of that as there are many great online comics.

There is really a very vast selection online. Alot of these have a focus of games or simular hobby use the comic medium as a extra platform to add more to what they want to say. The five largest ones would be http://www.cad-comic.com, and There is still ALOT more that has a main focus on games, aswell as other stuff.

Anyway, even tho I really recoment all of them, there is also quite a number of graphic novels with a stronger focus only on a consistant storyline and so on. One of the most resent I read is “The Meek” by Der-shing Helmer( that I really do recomend, Its a fantasy tale so I dont know if it suits all of your tastes. But is a quite good exampel of good comics that can be fond online.

Cheers to all! Feels good to be the first poster in 2010!

Toon Treasury

December 5, 2009

Hi guys,

just thought you might like this. It’s a talk by Art Spiegelman and his wife Francoise Mouly on their compilation of children’s comics. Just watched it, makes me remember what makes comics so special and unique as compared to any other medium. The topic is on kids comics and really, there have been so many great stuff that has been overlooked and that have been fundamental to the growth of comics. The stuff that Carl Barks did on Donald Duck just kills me! And my hero Harvey Kurtzman is mentioned a few times 🙂 Check out the video and head down to YouTube for the whole thing (9 parts).


November 8, 2009


Recently, I’ve realized something about art making that has put things in perspective. I’ve always wondered why we make these things, and whether we should only make these things when we experience some hurts. It bothered me that it might mean I had to throw myself into difficult situations, but I felt that was silly. It was experience I needed, to live my life the best I know and to take risks, not find trouble. I found that these sentiments were echoed in the words of Leonard Cohen.

“Good work is produced inspite of suffering” -Cohen from this

And Charles Bukowski,

“Let them get on the cross, I’ll congratulate them. But pain doesn’t create writing , a writer does.”

I’ve come to realize that all these little drawings, have been a way for me to get by, so more than planning the next exhibition or letting people see the work, making the work has become something of a matter of survival. And because the act has become more personal, I’m finally enjoying the act of creating! It’s crazy! I get really encouraged when I see the works of artists and often times I’m humbled by their output and I think I’m starting to understand what’s behind it. An associate of mine once said to me that good art is all about presentation, the way you frame it. Yeah sure, sure, stop lying to yourself buddy; good art is about hard work. Spiritual labor and … Joy. 

More Bukowski, “Even at my lowest times I can feel the words bubbling inside of me, getting ready. I am not in a contest. I never wanted fame or money. I wanted to get the word down the way I wanted it, that’s all. And I had to get the words down or be overcome by something worse than death. Words not as precious things but as necessary things.”


The World is on Fire.

November 8, 2009

Hi again fe- fe- folks,

One last entry, some drawings I did using markers. I did them because I really miss painting, will get back to it as soon as I’m finished with these comics but  comics are all I can think of right now.






From a Cover of a book called Death in Midsummer by Yukio Mishima.




























My Little Nasties

November 8, 2009

Hi again,

Thought I might as well show some of my old stuff, know some of you guys might have seen these but I thought I might as well show them again for those who haven’t. First up it’s a character I created while doing my diploma in Fine Arts. He’s an alter ego of mine,  a sort of representation of my inferiority complex. Well he’s dead now, I doubt I’ll ever use him again, Left him in Goya’s world to die.




Here’s more of my little inventions, SuperBat, Bear Bear (No longer in use), Dinky, Clone Boy now known as Existential boy and Dick now known as FatCrumb and the Penis head character (still in use but will be nameless). These characters will be used again in a series of comic strips with more autobiographical content. It’s strange, but I thought I was done with them, till one day, it all made sense, realized I could use them in a different way.






Here’s some comic stuff from my little sketch book, it’s rare that I do comic stuff in there, for some strange reason. Anyway, a page of little profiles and a couple going through the business of love. After  I did them, the waviness of the lines reminded me of some of Crumbs early stuff before the intense hatching. For those who haven’t heard of Crumb, here is a site I found for some bio, I like it because it has ants!











Everybody Looks Suspicious

November 8, 2009

Hi Guys,

Here’s my entry, wanted to do it a couple of weeks back, but I was away, staying at my Grandpa’s. I’ve learned a lot by staying with him, thinking about getting old and memory loss. Realize that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, you don’t have to remember a lot of the nonsense that happens to you during the day. It’s like he’s a baby going into death instead of life. Anyway, here are a bunch of drawings that I’ve been doing regularly as I’ve been travelling in the bus or train. I find it hard to do comics in the bus when there are these people around begging to be drawn. It’s really a great place to draw people because it seems that in the bus or MRT, people are really themselves, they retract into their thoughts and most times their anxiety and loneliness shows. There was only one instance that I got dialogue that interested me and I placed it in, and it was this girl from ACS babbling about the kind of boys she liked (second balloon should spell damn not damd) and an ACS guy listening to her (first drawing). The guy looks better in real life I made him a little ugly, that’s caricature.  The current sketchbook I’m using has eventually become text heavy, and the comics are starting to generate again as seen in the last two drawings.